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They’re just baby teeth, what’s the big deal?

When your child gets their first baby tooth, it is a very exciting time. This momentous occasion also comes with some added responsibilities for you! A common misconception is that baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, will just fall out eventually and thus are not very important. Baby teeth serve many purposes in addition to looking cute. Primary teeth are what pediatric dentist like to call the ‘world’s best space maintainer.’ One of the main goals of primary teeth is to save space for permanent teeth in the future. Early tooth loss may lead to the loss of space and could result in permanent teeth being blocked out.

Additionally, keeping baby teeth free of cavities is very important not only to prevent pain and infection but to prevent the colonization of bacteria in your child’s mouth. Once a cavity forms, the bacteria remains present in your child’s mouth and makes them more prone to cavities both in their baby teeth and permanent teeth, which is why it is very important to start good habits early!

Dr. Jenn Feingold is the Pediatric Dentist at The Children's Dental Center located in Coralville, IA. Call 319-626-5437

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